Stony Hill sits high on the side of Spring Mountain, between the towns of St. Helena and Calistoga. Our approximately 30 acres of vineyard lie on a steep slope between Richie Creek to the north and Mill Creek to the south. Moderating climatic influences such as northeast exposure and an elevation between 800 and 1550 feet make this mild microclimate an ideal location for growing our grapes.

The bright, mineral backbone of our wines is a credit to the volcanic mountain soils and, far beneath the surface, limestone rock. Our dedication to dry farming over the last 65+ years has forced the vines to stretch roots ever deeper year after year, delivering the Stony Hill’s distinctive sense of place straight to the grapes at the surface. 

Rather than harvesting just by flavor, Mike Chelini closely monitors the grapes’ development and will pick when the moment the pH begins to increase and natural acidity drops. The result is grapes with enough acid to last for decades, along with the complex flavor profiles that unfold only after several years of bottle age. 

Stony Hill’s vineyards are Napa Green Certified, and have been dry-farmed since their inception. Even throughout periods of drought, our natural springs and abundant groundwater have proven sufficient for wine growing. 


Planting History

Aerial View