Cheese Pairing Ideas

Once you have a Stony Hill Picnic Set, you’ll want to add some cheese. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of cheeses that pair well with our 2017 Chardonnay and 2018 White Riesling. Each of these cheeses will bring out different characteristics in the wines which will allow you to experience the entire spectrum of flavors.

Harvarti (Mild, Creamy) Harvarti’s creamy, somewhat sweet, and slightly acidic characteristics make a great companion with Stony Hill Chardonnay’s bright and complex flavors of citrus and apple. Enjoy a sip of Stony Hill Riesling after a bite of creamy Harvarti to helps highlight the sweet undertones of the cheese.

Goat Cheese/Chèvre (Tangy) The earthy yet tart qualities of chèvre work well to bring out the bright acid, and subtle notes of lime and green apple of the Stony Hill Riesling. As this wine is on the dryer side of riesling, goat cheese is a perfect combination of cream and tang. Try goat cheese with Stony Hill Chardonnay to see how the bright citrus notes bring out surprising herbal qualities in the cheese.

Gorgonzola (Sharp/Funky) Enjoy with Stony Hill Riesling to bring out the fruit notes and slight sweetness of this wine. Enjoy with Stony Hill Chardonnay to bring out the creamy nuttiness of this versatile blue cheese.