We began making this wine in 1972 in the Italian “passito” or straw wine style. We pick the grapes at 25 degrees Brix, dry them in the sun to concentrate the sugar, and then crush at about 30 degrees Brix. The result is a beautifully balanced dessert wine with approximately 13% alcohol, an average of 7% residual sugar and good acidity.

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We began making this wine in 1969 in the Italian "passito" style. We pick the grapes at about 25 brix, dry them in the sun to concentrate the sugar, and then crush. The result is a beautiful dessert wine with seven to nine percent residual sugar, thirteen percent alcohol and high acidity for balance. We suggest pairing it with stone fruit desserts such as the Apricot Soufflé or grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream or mascarpone cheese.

Gingerbread with Dried Fruit Compote
June 8, 2016
We are always searching for desserts with apricot, peach, apple, raisin and dried fig flavors to match the rich dried fruit flavors of our sweet dessert wine, Semillon de Soleil. With the simple, two step recipe that follows, Chef Jim Neal has come up with a winner. It combines the tastes of sun-ripened California fruit with the sweet, spicy character of gingerbread. Jim serves it often here at Stony Hill as a rich and complex accompaniment to the Semillon de Soleil. What better way to end a wine country lunch or dinner! He credits his colleague, Chef Gary Danko, with the gingerbread recipe.
Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Biscotti
June 8, 2016
This recipe was submitted by Stony Hill customers, Larry & Fran Sibilia, of Sugar Hill, GA, and was a runner-up in our Summer Recipe Contest. Semillon de Soleil’s silky honey/caramel flavors are naturally accentuated with vanilla, almonds, and fruits like a peach.
Poached Pears
June 8, 2016
These delicious poached pears go perfectly with our Semillon de Soleil.

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