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1999 Stony Hill Chardonnay
The 1999 vintage is graced with a larger percentage of grapes from our favorite vineyards than any wine since 1979. These vineyards were originally planted in 1947 and replanted in 1988. The vines are now thirteen years old and their grapes have added a complex richness to the wine that makes it delicious to drink right now, but which also promises long aging. The 1999 harvest produced notably ripe fruit, yet the wine still has the flinty character of... more »
1998 Stony Hill Chardonnay
This vintage has a brilliant, light straw color with a hue of white gold through it. Although only two years old, it is developing a complex aroma filled with perfumed ripe pears. The 1998 epitomizes the Stony Hill style of Chardonnay with a crisp acid balance, intense fruit, and the delicacy of a French Chablis. As you all know, another year in the cellar will allow the flavors to mellow and richness to develop.
1997 Stony Hill Chardonnay
Characteristic of Stony Hill Chardonnays, this vintage shows the palest straw color in the glass. The aroma is redolent of sun ripened pears and melons. Its flavors of delicate Chardonnay fruit are elegant and subtle, fresh and clean, followed by a lingering aftertaste. The 1997 shows great balance and concentration of fruit flavors which will grow in richness and depth over the next five to ten years.
1996 Stony Hill Chardonnay
This vintage at age four is still a light straw color. The bottle bouquet beginning to develop has a slightly toasty, French-like quality in addition to its hints of pear and apple fruit. On your palate this Chardonnay feels smooth, yet lively and is starting to show some mature notes including an appealing richness. The youthful fruit flavors are evolving in complexity and depth, and will begin to reach their peak in the next several years.