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1999 SHV Chardonnay
Palest straw color. The aroma of this wine is of subtle sweet apple, and its fresh fruit flavors fairly burst in your mouth. This vintage of our SHV is a pleasing, light, refreshing Napa Valley Chardonnay at a very affordable price. As you know, we make it from the grapes from our youngest vines, so it is not meant to be aged but to be enjoyed in the next two to four years.
1998 SHV Chardonnay
A typical palest straw color announces this Chardonnay from our youngest vines. It has an appealing pineapple, tropical fruit nose which is typical of the Davis clone which makes up one third of the SHV blend, the other two-thirds coming from our youngest Wente clone vines. It has a fruity, juicy taste to it, like the sensation of eating ripe honeydew melon. It has, in spite of being 100% Chardonnay grapes, a quality reminiscent of Sancerre fruit, a little austere and minerally. This is a... more »