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2005 Stony Hill White Riesling
A Napa Valley chef told us recently that Stony Hill White Riesling had become his wine of choice at home. We totally agree and often start a party with it because it pairs so well with crab and shrimp hors d'oeuvres, spicy Asian flavored canapés, bowls of fresh-picked peas, or apple and foie gras combinations. Our 2005 vintage is pale straw in color with a very delicate nose of flowers and fruit, a mere whiff of the depth to come. Tasting the wine, the stone fruit flavors surface,... more »
2004 Stony Hill White Riesling
White Riesling has gained so in popularity in the last few years that we are truly distressed to have two hundred cases less than last year to offer you. This lovely 2004 vintage is pale straw in color with honeysuckle and white flower aromas. In the mouth it has a notable juicy, fruity quality and the tartness of pomegranate. For the perfect food pairing we always like to mention Dungeness crab and Stony Hill White Riesling together, so look for a couple of recipes on November 15th when... more »
2003 Stony Hill White Riesling
Who remembers when we last released our White Riesling in brown bottles? Yes, indeed! It was 1979, exactly twenty-five years ago, and we thought we would mark the anniversary by doing it again. When you open the first bottle you will be amazed that the fruit from gnarled, fifty-six year old vines can produce a wine as fresh and lively as our 2003 White Riesling. It is palest straw color with a scent of apricots and orange blossoms. At the first sip, a great fruity flavor explodes in your... more »
2002 Stony Hill White Riesling
This is the driest White Riesling we have made in thirty years, with a residual sugar of 0.6 percent. With palest straw color, it offers a distinctive apricot aroma with verdant and slightly earthy notes. The flavors are lovely, like the ripest part of a honeydew melon. The wine explodes in your mouth, pushed by its good acid structure, and at the same time it is soft yet not sweet, ending with a warm, lingering finish. How to serve Stony Hill White Riesling? Any time, anywhere, and it's... more »
2001 Stony Hill White Riesling
This is the driest White Riesling we have made, with a residual sugar of .85. The first taste shows an impressive balance, and we think you will enjoy this wine. The color is the usual pale straw with a delicate White Riesling perfume containing a hint of tea rose petals. We always tout our Riesling as a perfect match with Dungeness crab, but try it also with Thai and other spicy Asian food, and don't forget what our southern friend says, "This is mah summah sippin' wine!"