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2005 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
Sorry if we sound like a broken record talking about rains in May again, but how else to explain how small our lot of 2005 Semillon is. Harvesting less than one ton from our own Semillon vineyard, we called the folks at Two Dog Vineyard in Calistoga, and once again they came to our rescue with another half ton of grapes, bringing our total to 120 gallons of juice. And if I do say so myself, the resulting wine will bring a blissful smile to your face. The color is medium straw, the residual... more »
2004 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
Our 2004 Semillon de Soleil is pale gold in color and comes to you as a big, rich dessert in a glass! The aromas remind us of toffee and almonds, and you'll notice toffee and candied orange peel in the mouth as well, delicious and a bit different from the honey and caramel flavors we usually find. What makes this wine so delectable is the beautiful balance it strikes between sweetness and acidity, offering generous amounts of flavor and structure at the same time.
2002 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
We harvested our Semillon grapes on September 17th, dried them on prune trays in the vineyard for seven days and crushed them at forty percent sugar. In the past we aimed for thirty-five percent sugar and dried the grapes for two weeks in a cooler location. Little did we guess how the extra heat in the vineyard would speed up the dehydration process. As a result, our 2002 Semillon de Soleil is higher in alcohol and lower in residual sugar than recent Semillons we have made, and it promises... more »
2001 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
The 2001 Semillon is much more characteristic of Stony Hill's Semillon production over the years than was the 2000 vintage. The 2001 has the deeper amber color we are used to, the higher, fifteen percent residual sugar we expect, and the wonderful taste of honey in your glass. We would characterize the bottle bouquet as dried apricots, figs and plums, baked fruitcake, and, of course, the honey. On September 10th we picked 1.6 tons of Stony Hill Semillon grapes, dried them on prune trays in... more »