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2005 Stony Hill Chardonnay
"Smells like Stony Hill Chardonnay to me," said Peter McCrea as he evaluated the 2005 vintage, which has in abundance all of the qualities that have distinguished our Chardonnay for fifty-three years. For those of you new to Stony Hill, think minerality and intense fruit flavors of apple, pear and citrus. For longtime fans, Winemaker Mike Chelini's description of the wine will resonate. For him the 2005 has a lean, intense Burgundian quality with a strong presence in the mouth and an... more »
2004 Stony Hill Chardonnay
Mike Chelini describes the color of our 2004 Chardonnay as white gold as he tilts his glass this way and that to check the viscous "legs" that form, showing that the wine has good body weight. Sniffing our glasses we detect aromas of pear, crisp green apple and a hint of exotic citrus. The mouthfeel is tart, indicating that it is still a youthful and tightly wound wine. But at the same time the big fruit flavors give the wine an elegant profile. Although some wine critics claim there is... more »
2003 Stony Hill Chardonnay
We are thrilled with everything about our 2003 Chardonnay vintage except for its modest size. Late rains to the end of May diminished fruit set, and June and July, which were the hottest months in memory, slowed ripening. But when we finally picked the fruit, all in one week, it came in glorious big bunches of juicy, translucent grapes! The resulting wine is medium straw in color and more concentrated in aromas and flavors than any Chardonnay we have produced in recent years. There is much... more »
2002 Stony Hill Chardonnay
The 2002 vintage is notably Burgundian in style, lighter than the 1999 vintage and a bit richer than the 2000 and 2001 vintages. Bright straw in color, the wine casts a golden aura in your glass. One sniff and you are in exotic ripe melon country with a touch more tropical fruit than is usual. As the wine opens up, the more characteristic mineral and citrus qualities we expect come forward. The mouth feel is rich creaminess balanced with sprightly acidity. The flavors remind us of warm... more »
2001 Stony Hill Chardonnay
We won’t soon forget the summer of 2001!  Mother Nature gave us one of the most prolonged heat spells in memory, with temperatures in the high nineties every day from mid-May until after July Fourth and with little relief from coastal fog at night.  The heat brought us an early and bountiful harvest, beginning August 21st and lasting through September 5th.  We bottled the wine June 12th and 13th, 2002. To introduce you to our 2001 Stony Hill Chardonnay, we tasted it... more »
2000 Stony Hill Chardonnay
The 2000 harvest was one of the best in recent memory in the Napa Valley. Mother Nature cooperated by withholding any untoward weather during the growing season. The vines grew vigorously and the resulting wine, we think, represents the best that Stony Hill can offer. Old fans will recognize the intense Chardonnay fruit and mineral quality of our soils, and new friends will delight in the delicate, Chablis... more »