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2005 SHV Chardonnay
Our 2005 SHV Chardonnay is pale straw in color with fresh fruit aromas of cantaloupe and watermelon, with a touch of pineapple to beguile you. It's like breathing the essence of a tropical fruit salad without the sweet syrup. Crisp but not tart in your mouth, it tastes light and delicious with a hint of lime and lemon squeezed over the top. The grapes come mainly from our vineyard number 6 where the vines are now ten years old, giving the wine a bit more weight and ageability than in... more »
2004 SHV Chardonnay
Here is the Napa Valley's best buy in Chardonnay! Our SHV Chardonnay is made from grapes from our youngest vines, and while it won't have the longevity of our estate Chardonnay, its modest price tag and fruity essence will show you why our SHV is so popular. Palest straw in color, this wine is bone dry with citrus and apple in the nose and peachy, flinty flavors in the mouth. The crisp mouth feel makes it a refreshing wine and the perfect accompaniment for a light evening meal of scallops... more »
2003 SHV Chardonnay
Our SHV Chardonnay is made from grapes from our youngest vines and has a bit more straw color than is usual. We were struck by the intensity of the Chardonnay fruit and slight pineapple and pear-like flavors in the nose and on the palate as we first approached this wine. As it opened up we detected the mineral quality so typical of Stony Hill wines, reflecting our dry farming method and our rocky soils. Our 2003 SHV Chardonnay is bound to please with its light, crisp quality and delicate... more »
2002 SHV Chardonnay
Mike Chelini says our 2001 SHV Chardonnay is antojado, the Spanish word for "it makes you want to have some more." Our SHV comes from our younger Chardonnay vines and is very approachable even at this young age. With palest straw color, aromas of citrus, pear and pineapple that fairly leap out at you from the glass, and a feeling of smoothness and roundness in the mouth, it will only improve with a year or two more in the bottle.
2001 SHV Chardonnay
Here is our lovely 2001 SHV Chardonnay, made in the same style as our estate Chardonnay, but from grapes from our youngest vines. This is a delicious, fruity Napa Valley Chardonnay at half the price and almost ready to drink now. The grapes survived a quirky summer with temperatures in the high nineties from May 15 to July 5, one of the most prolonged hot spells in memory. As a result, harvest came early, bringing in grapes loaded with flavor. The wine has a pale straw color, with papaya... more »
2000 SHV Chardonnay
Our 2000 SHV Chardonnay strikes us as Chablis-like in its delicacy and lightness. It offers lemon and pear aromas plus a little touch of Stony Hill earthiness. It is tart, a little flinty, fresh and clean. This lovely, fruity Napa Valley Chardonnay is an incredible bargain at $15.00 a bottle. Please age this wine for six months more before serving.