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2011 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
Here is a touch of gold for your glass!
2010 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
We love this vintage of Semillon de Soleil!  Its pale gold color in the glass leads you to divine aromas of apricots and peaches layered with a sweet honey scent.  Several elements make this vintage a classic: the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity and the concentrated flavors of the Semillon grapes.  We simply lose ourselves in the rich taste of dried fruit and spices and in the vibrant mouth feel and rich and lingering aftertaste.
2009 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
Our golden toned 2009 Semillon de Soleil has seven percent residual sugar, which winemaker Mike Chelini has balanced with crisp acidity, make it a delightful finish to your festive dinner.  It has a clean natural sweetness, which reminds us of biting into a sun kissed peach in August.  We also detect honey and caramel flavors, a distinct dried fig element, and a lingering peachy aftertaste.  We always suggest stone fruit desserts as appropriate pairings, but how about a cheese... more »
2008 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
This wine announces itself the instant the glass is set before you! The honey and caramel nose envelopes you and focuses all your senses. The color is light gold, the alcohol 13.5%, (42% sugar at crush), and the 14 % residual sugar is beautifully balanced by a relatively high acidity of .75. This is a more powerful than usual Semillon de Soleil, which we would serve with flavors of similar intensity such as Crème Brulee or a strong cheese such as Roquefort, the great sheep's milk... more »
2007 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
The 2007 vintage is a particularly light and delicate example of this sweet dessert wine from our Semillon vineyard. Palest gold in color, its bouquet hints of caramel and honey and in the mouth you pick up more of the same plus a delicious apricot finish. At 9% residual sugar, it is less sweet than usual, and its crisp acidity gives the wine a fine balance. The alcohol is 13%. We always suggest accompanying this wine with stone fruit desserts, but perhaps the mild flavors of almond and... more »
2006 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil
For the past several years we've been selling out of Semillon the first week after release because of short supply. This year, however, we have plenty of the 2006 vintage so we hope that everyone who wants to enjoy this luscious wine will be able to. The grapes were picked later than usual, beginning September 29, from Stony Hill Vineyard and Two Dog Vineyard in Calistoga, then dehydrated in the sun for an average of 11 days to concentrate the sugars, and finally crushed at 32% sugar. The... more »