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2011 SHV Chardonnay
Our 2011 SHV Chardonnay is an unusually aromatic vintage with hints of peach, pineapple, and honeysuckle wafting from your glass.  The mouth feel is light and delicate, and the low pH and good acidity make it a natural for pairing with food.  On the palate you'll taste tart green apple followed by a flowery note and a tart minerality reminiscent of the Petit Chablis style of White Burgundy.  We think it's a great match with the spicy and rich Coconut Shrimp recipe we love from... more »
2010 SHV Chardonnay
We think the 2010 SHV Chardonnay should be everybody's house wine!  It's light and dry, eminently affordable, shows the endearing qualities of a fruity, non-oaky, non-buttery Chardonnay, and, it's ready to drink now!  This very approachable wine is pale straw in color, and its aromas are of ripe honeydew melon with a touch of tropical fruit.  With a brisk mouth feel and crisp finish, it's bound to be a crowd pleaser.  We suggest you serve it with a Moroccan Tagine, a spicy... more »
2009 SHV Chardonnay
Our 2009 SHV Chardonnay is so appealing from the first sniff that we know people are really going to like it.  The nose is wonderfully floral, and when you sip there’s the essence of pears, apples, and garden freshness to tickle your tastebuds.  The SHV is lighter in style than the 2008 estate Chardonnay and at $24.00 a bottle, it’s one of Napa Valley’s best bargains.  We think it would match well with a lightly spicy Chicken Posole.
2008 SHV Chardonnay
In the past we have described our SHV as our second label Chardonnay from our youngest vines. And that part is still true. However, those vines are now fifteen years old and considered mature by any standard. The fruit they are giving us makes a wine with more depth and ageability than previously, which will stand on its own in any Chardonnay crowd. Although both of Stony Hill's Chardonnays are from the Wente Clone, the SHV is lighter in weight and density in the mouth and has a flavor... more »
2007 SHV Chardonnay
How better to introduce our 2007 SHV Chardonnay than to say fruit, fruit, fruit! Your first sniff of the glass will bring you red apple, overtones of fresh cut pineapple and citrus zest. Your first sip will reveal an intense mouth feel, firm acidity and the taste of stone fruit flavors and citrus. Since the youngest vines contributing to our SHV are now 14 years old, we think this wine is showing more sophistication than in the past and will have a somewhat longer aging potential, up to... more »
2006 SHV Chardonnay
Please note that our ever-popular SHV Chardonnay is still several hundred cases short of our annual average, so order early. This vintage is palest straw in color and is definitely on the adolescent side at the moment. Its bouquet has a notable mineral quality and reminds us of fresh-picked green apples. The light, supple body needs six more months in the cellar for the flavors to begin to integrate and develop the crisp, fruity Chardonnay you like so well. When you open the first bottle... more »