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Stony Hill Goes Red

The venerable Stony Hill is one of the Napa Valley's earliest wineries, established in 1943 with vineyards planted on a ridge astride Spring Mountain just north of St. Helena.

In 1952, the founders, Fred and Eleanor McCrea, added a commercial winery to their hillside property, a home for Fred to make chardonnay, riesling, gewürztraminer and semillon. It was built by Congressman Mike Thompson's father, Charles Edward Thompson, and the wooden winery doors were hand-carved by Fred McCrea.

Swim Against The Mainstream And Drink Stony Hill Wines

Remember those high school days when you insisted on doing what the cool kids were doing even though you knew it was unwise, unflattering or just plain stupid? (For me it was the Farrah Fawcett ‘wings’ haircut—a dark time in my evolution.) Swimming against the mainstream takes grit and confidence, so I tip my hat to the team at Stony Hill winery. Over the past few decades it’s taken serious discipline and courage for Stony Hill to stick to crisp white varietals in Napa Valley’s red wine-soaked universe. But the team at Stony Hill Winery, despite the skeptics, has remained true to their Chablis-inspired philosophy since 1947. According to the winery owners, Willinda and Peter McCrea, “Our reputation is somewhat old fashioned in that we have stayed with the same wine style for so many years while the rest of the industry experimented. Partly this is the result of having only two winemakers in our 60 year history and part of it is staying true to our devoted customers who love our style, we need to keep them happy.”

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