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Well Crafted Cabs
2009 Stony Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

More Cabs are showing restraint: a little less alcohol, a little more acidity.

In recent tastings here, my favorite Cabs–balanced and elegant, with moderate to low alcohol levels–all came from old-guard winemakers who never lost their way in the first place. Their wines aren't even close to inexpensive, but compared with the stratoshperically priced cults, they represent good value.

A 60 Year-Old California Wine Family Is Trying To Change The Way You Eat Steak

Go to a steakhouse and any waiter/sommelier worth their salt will pair your cut with a red wine. Wallinda and Peter McCrea, of Stony Hill Vineyard (one of Napa's first) are trying to change all of that. They've carefully created a collection of white wines that pair perfectly with red meat, says the Dallas News.

It's all to celebrate 60 years of wine making that dates back to Peter's parents purchase of a Napa Valley goat ranch in 1943. Back then there was no electricity, no phone, and hardly any travel between Napa and San Francisco. So the McCrea's have come along way, and to honor that, they decided to do something different with their first Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Legendary Wines of Napa: Tasting Notes
2004 Stony Hill Chardonnay

Last weekend I had the singular pleasure of co-leading a tasting with the title Legends of Napa Valley. I wrote about my impressions of the tasting overall, and the lessons that it offered, such as they were, about the aging of Napa wines across the last five decades, as part of my monthly column for Jancis Robinson.

Now that I'm done editorializing, we can get down to the wines themselves. Below I offer my tasting notes for every wine that we tasted, in the order we tasted them. We tasted in four flights, two each day. The start of every flight featured at least one white wine, which you will see interspersed below at about every twentieth wine.