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Better With Age - Stony Hill's Chardonnays Stand the Test of Time
Stony Hill Chardonnay
"At a time when too many California Chardonnays taste more of toast, butter and caramel than they do of fruit, Stony Hill's wines are delicate and lean on release, with fresh green-apple, pear and lemon flavors, hints of slate, subtle spicing and brisk acidity."

Chardonnay Finds Its Inner Finesse
Stony Hill Chardonnay

"But there is another California Chardonnay, produced by a small band of winemakers who have held out against the big and buttery style.  Using and older style of winemaking, they are producing a crisper, more lively chardonnay, one that sacrifices showy power in favor of steely subtlety."