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The New/Old California Wines: Lower-Scoring and Highly Delicious
Stony Hill Chardonnay

"But not every winery in California has conformed to the critics’ tastes. Despite the threat of low scores, there are some locals who’ve never gone for the big fruit bombs. Stony Hill..., make wines as they always have—with restraint. These wines might be less flashy and thus are at a disadvantage in a critic’s blind tasting, but they’re food-friendly and elegant."

Vine Dining: America's Best Wine Country Restaurants
2006 Stony Hill Chardonnay

"...and the more balanced among them - such as a 2006 Stony Hill..."

Stony Hill Vineyard, "age, dignity, and place"
Stony Hill Chardonnay
"Most of those who make the 2-mile drive up the winding one-lane road to the patio of Willinda and Peter McCrea's residence on Spring Mountain, that is the winery's hospitality room, believe they are arriving at the summit of white wines."