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Old School is "Old School" and Stony Hill is Old School

As one may know, Gentle Reader, Yr mst hmbl & Obdt Svt is originally from California. I cut my teeth wine wise with the growth of California wine in the late 1970s and 1980s.  It is, therefore, something of a shock to have discovered a vineyard and winery which has been making wines in Napa since 1947, which I had not actually heard of!

Insider’s Guide to Napa Valley

With cutting-edge wineries, farm-fresh food, and sophisticated yet laid-back retreats, it’s no wonder Napa Valley has such enduring appeal...

Stony Hill Goes Red

The venerable Stony Hill is one of the Napa Valley's earliest wineries, established in 1943 with vineyards planted on a ridge astride Spring Mountain just north of St. Helena.

In 1952, the founders, Fred and Eleanor McCrea, added a commercial winery to their hillside property, a home for Fred to make chardonnay, riesling, gewürztraminer and semillon. It was built by Congressman Mike Thompson's father, Charles Edward Thompson, and the wooden winery doors were hand-carved by Fred McCrea.